Date Event
21st April Ponteland V Stocksfield
  Arcot Hall V Free
  Whitley Bay V Blyth
  Matfen Hall V Tynemouth
12th May Matfen Hall V Ponteland
  Tynemouth V Whitley Bay
  Blyth V Arcot
  Free V Stocksfield
26th May Ponteland V Free
  Stocksfield V Blyth
  Arcot Hall V Tynemouth
  Whitley Bay V Matfen Hall
2nd June Ponteland V Tynemouth
  Blyth V Matfen Hall
  Free V Whitley Bay
  Stocksfield V Arcot Hall
9th June Whitley Bay V Ponteland
  Matfen Hall V Arcot Hall
  Tynemouth V Stocksfield
  Blyth V Free
23rd June Ponteland V Blyth
  Free V Tynemouth
  Stocksfield V Matfen Hall
  Arcot Hall V Whitley Bay
7th July Arcot Hall V Ponteland
  Whitley Bay V Stocksfield
  Matfen Hall V Free
  Tynemouth V Blyth


Date Event
21st April Hexham V Morpeth
  Westerhope V City of Newcastle
  Northumberland V Bedlingtonshire
  Close House V Parklands
12th May Close House V Hexham
  Parklands V Northumberland
  Bedlingtonshire V Westerhope
  City of Newcastle V Morpeth
26th May Hexham V City of Newcastle
  Morpeth V Bedlingtonshire
  Westerhope V Parklands
  Northumberland V Close House
2nd June Hexham V Parkslands
  Bedlingtonshire V Close House
  City of Newcastle V Northumberland
  Morpeth V Westerhope
9th June Northumberland V Hexham
  Close House V Westerhope
  Parklands V Morpeth
  Bedlingtonshire V City of Newcastle
23rd June Hexham V Bedlingtonshire
  City of Newcastle V Parklands
  Morpeth V Close House
  Westerhope V Northumberland
7th July Westerhope V Hexham
  Northumberland V Morpeth
  Close House V City of Newcastle
  Parklands V Bedlingtonshire
Semi-final and Final to be played at Whitley Bay on 4th August